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Succession – beyond planning

Succession - beyond planning Author: Philip Beddows Published in The Boardroom Magazine: May 2007 The successor to the top job has more to do than merely move offices, says Philip Beddows Succession is not complete when a senior executive moves into a new boardroom role. The succession planning phase may well be over, but it is important not to fall into the trap of believing that the finish line has been crossed, instead one has to think in terms of arrival at the blocks ready to run the race. But before one gets to that stage, the critical issue is whether the selection has been well made, with a multiplicity of factors all considered and weighed together in order to result in the best possible decision. A talented individual cannot be selected for a role without consideration of factors such as how their selection will impact on the dynamics of the board and whether they are the right person for that role, in that particular organisation, at that particular point