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The bottom line is…the bottom line isn’t enough

The bottom line is… the bottom line isn’t enough Philip Beddows , Partner, The Silk Road Partnership   Originally published in The Boardroom Magazine: August 2010 Despite the infamy of corporate failures such as Lehman Brothers, Enron and GM, the global corporation is not dead — and remains unlikely to die. Business coach and mentor Philip Beddows says the non-executive director has a responsibility to serve employees, the community and society beyond short term profiteering. The bottom line in the corporate world, ultimately, is that the bottom line isn’t enough. Profit is incontestably vital, bringing a myriad of benefits to all levels of society. It is the lifeblood of any commercial enterprise; provides income to investors; taxes to government that fund public services, money for development, and expansion; ensures continued investment in the employment of people and regeneration of communities; and is the root of much charitable giving. Perhaps mos